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Seating Maintenance

Seating Services Ltd stands at the forefront of seating maintenance, specialising in the care and upkeep of retractable and telescopic seating systems. As a family-run business with over thirty years of dedicated service, we have carved a niche in maintaining seating systems for a variety of venues across the UK, such as universities, schools, theatres, arenas, and leisure centres.

Our enduring commitment has always been to ensure customer satisfaction. This dedication is evident in every aspect of our seating maintenance services. We believe in extending the life and enhancing the functionality and appearance of existing seating systems. Our extensive experience in the field underpins our ability to offer not only exceptional maintenance services but also bespoke, independent advice that is tailored to the unique needs of each client.

At Seating Services Ltd, our team is more than a group of skilled technicians; we are a dynamic, agile unit committed to the highest standards of maintenance excellence. We integrate seamlessly with your team, aligning with your vision to ensure your seating facilities are maintained at their best.

Our maintenance services span the entire UK, reflecting our commitment to be readily available wherever our services are needed. Renowned for our efficient and effective approach, we provide continual after-care, guaranteeing that your seating systems are always in top condition.

Understanding that each venue has distinct challenges and requirements, our approach to seating maintenance is highly customised. Whether it's routine upkeep for grandstands in a sports facility or intricate maintenance for retractable seating in an auditorium, we tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs. Our focus is on ensuring that your seating not only functions flawlessly but also contributes positively to the aesthetics of your space.

Our portfolio, a reflection of our capabilities and commitment to excellence, showcases a diverse range of successful maintenance projects across various sectors. These projects demonstrate our quality workmanship, innovative solutions, and our ability to deliver consistent, reliable service. Our established track record underlines our reputation as a trusted and competent partner in seating maintenance.

Choosing Seating Services Ltd for your seating maintenance needs means partnering with a company that is dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. We invite you to experience the transformative impact of our expertise and passion, as we work to ensure your seating systems are not just maintained, but also revitalised, creating a lasting and positive effect on your audience.

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Optimise your seating with our detailed servicing, including minor parts replacement and comprehensive reports on major repairs. Our fixed-price contracts offer budget-friendly maintenance. We provide inspection certificates and service check sheets, ensuring compliance and up-to-date records.


Maintain safety and longevity of your seating with our thorough maintenance services. We conduct inspections, highlight urgent repair needs, and provide rapid quotes. Benefit from our automatic annual reminders, helping you effortlessly manage your seating maintenance schedule.


Revitalise your seating systems with our comprehensive refurbishments, from deck boards to upholstery. We ensure your seating meets current standards, offering reconditioning and retrofitting services. We also provide condition reports to avoid unnecessary costs. Contact us for dismantling and recycling queries.

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